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Indian Kitchen

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North Indian Kitchen

The North Indian cuisine, the kitchen of Mughals, is the best known in the West Indian cuisine. Characteristic features are a sober use of dairy products such as yogurt or ghee and a relatively high proportion of meat, usually goat or lamb. The oriental influence due to the use of nuts, and spices like cummin and saffron. Typical are Tandoor, a clay oven, chicken cooked in the non naan and chapati, but among other things, known Tandoori. Another speciality is the spread in Pakistan samosas, varied and fragrant stuffed dumplings. Most dishes are reluctant sharp and have a juicy sauce consistency that results from long cooking.

West Indian Kitchen

West India is dominated by the very different kitchens Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat, which also differ very geographically. The Goa lying on the coast used of fish and seafood, which are also on the menu of the Hindus here. The historically high proportion of Catholics and the consumption of pork is common in Goa, as, among other things in the known speciailty Vindaloo. The cuisine of Maharashtra is characterised by its very fertile landscape that offers a variety of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, sorghum, especially sorghum, widespread. The Gujarat region has the highest proportion of vegetarians in the subcontinent, which means that out of this kitchen comes the most versatile vegetarian dishes. Also a big influence have the extreme climatic conditions in the region. Of dry hot desert climate to the wet warm climate to monsoon The kitchen is usually seasoned vigorously.

East Indian Kitchen

The East Indian cuisine is known for its desserts and sweets. Especially the Bengali kitchen has produced many dishes that are now also spread throughout the subcontinent, as the known Khir, an aromatic flavoured rice pudding or Sandesh, a sweetmeat similar speciality. Typical spices are mustard oil, fennel seeds, black cumin and cumin, the whole (ie unground) are used with reserved field (see Panch Phoron). Similar to the northern Indian cuisine, including many nuts are processed, especially for sweets. Rice is in the East Indian cuisine such as in South India also to the main staple food, in addition you will find a lot of vegetables and - else in India rather unusual - Freshwater Fish.

South Indian Kitchen

Rice is in south India to the main staple foods. It is used not only as a whole grain but also in the form of flour, inter alia, for the preparation of Idli or Dosa. The tropical climate is the use of a variety of vegetables and fruits due, but also fish and Sea food. Also characteristic is the use of coconut, grated in chutneys or in the form of coconut milk or coconut oil. Among the most common dishes include the serve with rice pottage Sambar and biryani, a rice dish with vegetables and mostly meat. Also in South India, are precisely located in the Tamil kitchen the curries ,. This term not also known in German-speaking countries under the name spice blend, but juicy spicy dishes that have only served as inspiration for reconstituted only for export of curry powder. The South Indian cuisine is characteristic sharply by a high use of green and red chillies, but also a native of the southwest Indian Kerela pepper, and garlic and ginger. In addition, many dishes are flavoured with curry leaves and tamarind. Typical are varied dishes of legumes, such as white lentils.

Opening Hours

  • Everyday 12:00 - 23:00

    New Opening hours

    From 1 January
    MO to FR 12:00 - 23:00
    SA and SU 12:00 - 23:00

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    We also offer our food without nuts. And yes we also can pack it for you.

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    Our Vegan cuisine is open every day for lunch and dinner. Our chefs put on a light cuisine with high quality ingredients, and we consider this to support their natural properties as pure as possible.

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    Every day from 17:00 hrs Cocktails are for 4,90 EUR only. Doesn't matter if it is with alcohol or without.


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